4 Tips for Increasing Employee Learning Retention

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Strategic thinking and foresight help people use their time more efficiently and effectively.

  • Think about the format of the exam
  • Choose the best learning resource
  • Determine how each resource will help
  • Schedule when/how each resource will be used

E-Learning Course Tips

  1. Each module should begin and end with exercises that frame the learning according to how the employees will use the information
  2. Strategic framing should directly correlate the e-learning courses with the employee’s day to day

Identify Learning Strengths

Learning styles affect our ability to retain information.

Visual Learners

  • Writing Notes
  • Watching Videos

Auditory Learners

  • Listening To Lectures
  • Recording Answers

Kinesthetic Learners

  • Group Discussions
  • Group Activities

E-Learning Course Tips

  1. Provide learning opportunities for each style
  2. Include many different types of interactions learning methods

Sleep On It

All learners can benefit from a good night’s sleep. Any recently-learned material is more likely to be embedded in your memory.

E-Learning Course Tips

  1. Schedule learning over the course of several days and weeks
  2. Remind learners to take their time
  3. Follow-up with lessons and activities

Test & Iterate

Companies who invest in e-learning software should employ project management tools to track employee progress.

Get Insight Into:

  • Where learners get stuck
  • Time spent on each task


  • Follow-ups
  • Further learning
  • check-ins

Every learner is different, so try different ways to improve your e-learning courses. By asking employees to reflect, engage, and build good learning habits, teams will gather better returns from their e-learning initiatives.

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