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Changes to the FLSA make more than 1.3 million employees eligible for overtime pay.

Are you ready? iSolved is. Being able to accurately track time is everything when it comes to the FLSA. Employers have more hourly employees that they need to track. Monitoring overtime is more important now than ever before! In September, the Department of Labor announced a final rule [more]

How to BOOST Your Employee Retention Rate

Without Busting Your Budget With the job market becoming increasingly more competitive, many companies are scrambling to provide unique benefits to employees in an effort to decrease their turnover rates. Through offering better benefits packages, higher salaries and expensive perks, some [more]

Four HR Practices

Your Small to Midsized Business Should Adopt Small to mid-sized businesses have their work cut out for them, especially within the HR department. These professionals wear several hats and hold numerous responsibilities, often times beyond typical HR roles. With the start of a new year, they [more]

4 Tips for Increasing Employee Learning Retention

Study Smarter, Not Harder Strategic thinking and foresight help people use their time more efficiently and effectively. Think about the format of the exam Choose the best learning resource Determine how each resource will help Schedule when/how each resource will be [more]

3 Principles of Strategic Recruitment

Re-evaluate and IMPROVE recruitment practices to make the best use of time and the tools available. Start by asking the right questions. What do you need? Develop a detailed applicant profile. Clearly communicate needs, expectations and benefits Use evaluations to gauge success and [more]

iSolved Network Turnover and Employee Retention

Turnover and employee retention are real problems that impact every industry. 55% of people who are currently employed are willing to leave their jobs because their skills aren't being expanded. So, how can you solve the age-old employee retention problem? By offering a learning management [more]