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Say Hello to the New isolved

Dear Customer, Say Hello to the New isolved Human resources looks a little different these days, doesn’t it? That’s because the world, and the people in it, are continuously changing. And so, we too must adapt. Yes, that means isolved, as well. We are evolving right along with you. [more]

A better employee experience, by design.

Click Here For First Look At iSolved User Interface In today’s mobile-first world, apps and software need to make work easier for employees. But many struggle with disjointed systems that don’t provide a great user experience. Welcome to iSolved’s personalized user experience, a [more]

Remote Work After the Pandemic

After the pandemic is over, businesses will have to determine how to return to the office. For some, the question might be if doing so is even necessary. As of 2018, 29% of workers could work from home, and 25% did so occasionally Telecommuting has been around since the '70s. Lower [more]

iSolved Named an Emotional Footprint Champion by SoftwareReviews

Info-Tech Research Group Inc., a leading research and advisory firm operating on a global level, released its Emotional Footprint Report, and iSolved was honored as an Emotional Footprint Champion for 2020, showcasing the platform’s commitment to providing an excellent user experience for each [more]

Changes to the FLSA make more than 1.3 million employees eligible for overtime pay.

Are you ready? iSolved is. Being able to accurately track time is everything when it comes to the FLSA. Employers have more hourly employees that they need to track. Monitoring overtime is more important now than ever before! In September, the Department of Labor announced a final rule [more]

How to BOOST Your Employee Retention Rate

Without Busting Your Budget With the job market becoming increasingly more competitive, many companies are scrambling to provide unique benefits to employees in an effort to decrease their turnover rates. Through offering better benefits packages, higher salaries and expensive perks, some [more]