Benefit Broker/CPA Portal Workbench and Dashboard

Client data at your fingertips!

The Benefit Broker Workbench is a set of tools and reports within isolved that provides powerful insight into your clients. You can view your client data and produce reports in just one click! Quick, accessible reports enable you to continue providing the superior service you are known for!

It’s simple: when you login, a list of your clients will appear – yes, it’s that easy.

Your Broker Workbench provides quick access to:

  • Client Summary Broker View: Lists company information, contacts, processing information and more
  • Client Landing Page Broker View: Displays reminders, payroll due dates, payroll run dates, contacts, quick links and announcements
  • Clients Reports Broker View and Report Queue: Lets you run reports you need and retrieve them from the queue.
  • Executive Dashboard Broker View: Allows you to choose the parameters and obtain demographics on one client or all clients

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PCS’ isolved Broker Workbench

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