Benefits Management

Employee benefits enrollment doesn’t need to be daunting – for you or your employees.

An efficient and effective approach to managing enrollment leads to increased employee engagement and retention. It can also boost your recruiting efforts.

Easily set up your benefits plans once – and drive a positive enrollment experience.

Benefits Enrollment from isolved People Cloud

Smooth out the complex task of managing employee enrollment

  • Simplify Open Enrollment – Develop an organized structure with proper checks and reporting
  • Provide Flexibility – Use Life event wizards to make changes to benefit plans quickly
  • Offer Benefit-Cost Analysis – Better inform decision making with easy cost-benefit comparisons
  • Connect with Carriers – Communicate employee life events to the carrier – on time
  • Deliver a complete Package – Cover all aspects of benefits enrollment including:
  • Open Enrollment & Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • FSA, HRA, transit, parking, tuition, and lifestyle
  • 401 (k) production and MEP
  • HSA
  • 104/1095C production
  • ACA Compliance
  • FMLA Tracking and Administration
  • COBRA Eligibility

Create and strengthen good business outcomes

isolved Benefits Enrollment is part of the isolved People Cloud you’re already using – and it’s so easy to add. Simplify your benefits enrollment process and boost employee engagement.

Together let’s ensure you’re providing a positive enrollment experience with isolved Benefits Management.

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