Timekeeping & Labor Management

How confident are you in measuring the productivity of your workforce?

Employee productivity and efficiency are critical for meeting business goals. Not only has the new work from home movement elevated its importance, but also the need for employees to be recognized for their contributions.

Accurately connect your employees’ productivity to business objectives. And reap more benefits from richer employee data.

Timekeeping & Labor Management from isolved People Cloud

With employee time, labor, and attendance data from isolved People Cloud – a single, integrated source of truth – you’ll be better informed to deliver improved organizational performance, make better decisions, and ensure a happier workforce.

  • One, Integrated System – Collect, manage, and process your time in one place
  • Single Source – Better manage time and attendance, and employee profile data
  • Boost Accountability – Eliminate “buddy punching” and time theft
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere – Track employee time from where they are: at home, the worksite, the office, or on the road.
  • Schedule with Ease – Build shifts and schedules, set permission rules, determine shift eligibility, send instant scheduling alerts, and set up coverage and shift request
  • Boost the Bottom Line – Offer extra paid time off instead of costly overtime pay
  • Eliminate Errors – Create map boundaries with geofencing to accurately track location data
  • Design your Best-Fit Solution – Select virtual clock, physical/touchless time clock, or mobile app

Develop more accurate time management processes

isolved Time & Expense is part of the isolved People Cloud you’re already using – and it’s so easy to add. Manage and analyze your workforce easily, efficiently, and securely – all the while building trust and accuracy.

Together let’s ensure you’re driving performance by delivering accuracy and accountability with isolved Timekeeping & Labor Management.

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