Learning Management – Learn and Grow

Never has knowledge and skill development been more critical – for employers and employees.  Let isolved make it easy to invest in your employees and build the team you need for today and the future.

Stay ahead of the competition by empowering your employees to learn and grow with an on-demand and contextually relevant experience this encourages learning and development

Learning Management from isolved People Cloud

isolved University is a visually intuitive interface that makes learning easily accessible. It will help you create, deliver, and track personalized online training. Simply assign courses and paths across your entire workforce to build knowledge and skills to set your business apart.

Transform the way you help employees learn

  • Reporting – Easily access and view reports and dashboards to stay on top of employee development
  • Custom Content – Upload your content and sessions to train in the skills your business needs
  • Continued Education – Keep your employees up to date with courses aligned with their jobs
  • Career Development– Promote learning with customized quizzes and certifications
  • Guided Education – Configure your paths and reward employees as they go
  • Consumable Content – Deliver right-sized content to boost engagement
  • Effective Gamification – Encourage adoption and use with rewards and recognition
  • Pre-built Courses – Add a library of 150+ compliance and business courses to get started now

Customize learning for your employees and organization

isolved Learn & Grow is already part of the People Cloud you’re using today – and is so easy to add. Improve your employees’ job performance by educating them with learning tailored to your organization.

Together let’s encourage your workforce to develop their expertise with isolved Learn & Grow.

Share and Perform

Goal Setting and Performance reviews are some of the best tools for developing an employee and encouraging growth yet managing them can seem complex or difficult.

Share and Perform as part of your isolved People Cloud helps you create a fast path to delivering this critical part of employee management.

Performance reviews help demonstrate you care, and they benefit both your employees and your organization. Most importantly, they help track employee progress and contribution levels for determining merit increases and promotions.

Goal setting is vital as it keeps all employees on the same page. By establishing shared and individual targets and monitoring progress, you provide real-time input on performance all year, rather than just once when it may be too late.

Share & Perform from isolved People Cloud helps you easily enable the multi-directional engagement that builds a great organization and delivers on your business goals.

Simplify performance management, goal setting, and reviews

  • Offer Pre-loaded Templates – Managers and supervisors can start with templates and tailor them to the needs of your organization making the process easier and faster
  • Integrate Goals – Better recognize employee performance with connected individual, team, and company goals
  • Personalize your Dashboard – Keep your most important information at your fingertips to ensure you know how to get the most from your most important asset: your team of employees.

Connect with employees where they are

isolved Share & Perform is already part of the People Cloud you’re using today – and is so easy to add. Help your employees report on performance with consumer-grade technology and mobile-first experiences.

Together let’s make sure you’re equipped to deliver an optimal review experience with isolved Share & Perform.

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