Current Tax Rate/Limits

Minimum Wage
Federal U.S. Department of Labor
Arizona AZ Department of Labor
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development 
FICA (Social Security)
Max Taxable Earnings $118,500
Employee/Employer % 6.2%/6.2%
Max Deduction $7,347.00
FICA (Medicare)
Max Taxable Earnings No Max
Employee/Employer % 1.45%
Max Deduction No Max
Plus Additional 0.9% for individuals earning over $200,000
Max Taxable Earnings $7,000
% of Taxable Earnings 6.0%
Max Credit 5.4%
Normal Net Tax 0.6%
Unemployment Insurance
AZ Taxable Wage Base $7,000
Employee Deduction None
WI Taxable Wage Base $14,000
Employee Deduction None
Supplemental Wage/Bonus Rate
Federal Flat 25%
Arizona Flat No flat rate provision
Wisconsin Flat No flat rate provision
Standard Mileage Rate
Rate $.54 per mile
Deferral Amounts
Max 401(k)/403(b) Elective Amount $18,000
Catch-Up Contributions (50+) $6,000
Max HSA Contribution Single $3,350
Max HSA Contribution Family $6,650
SIMPLE Plan Employee Amount $12,500
SIMPLE Catch-Up Contributions (50+) $3,000
Common Phone Numbers and Websites
IRS 800-829-4933
EFTPS 800-555-8778
SSA 800-772-1213
Tax Wiithholding Due Dates (State/Fed)
Check Date Wed – Fri Due Following Wednesday
Check Date Sat – Tues Due Following Friday